I made this tiny Max costume for my nephew for his birthday cake smash session. Watching him parade around the house in it made my emoji heart eyes pop way outta my skull! We thought a Where The Wild Things Are photoshoot would be really cute!

His little tepee was made of 3 PVC pipes cut to 5′ long and then a queen sized flat sheet from walmart that I sewed into shape with casings for the pipes. I dip dyed the bottom half of the tepee in Royal Blue Rit dye in my kitchen sink with boiling hot water and salt. I also dip dyed some white turkey feathers that I strung to a garland and wrapped around the apex of the tepee.

His costume is a longsleeve white bodysuit and white leggings with handmade fuzzy claw boots and a hood with tall tall ears stuffed with polyfil and popsicle sticks. His crown is 2 layers of stiff yellow felt hot glued together with a craft fur trim and an elastic at the back for a snug fit. Lastly I sewed little vinyl fabric buttons onto the front of the bodysuit and outlined with sharpie to mimic Max’s buttons in the book.

The perfect little smash cake was made by my friend Mandy at Mandy’s Custom Cakes ! It was a white cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant details.